3D Latte Coffee Art by Kazuki Yamamoto



It’s really amazing! You might have seen art like mud art, pencil art, vegetable and fruit carving art and many sorts if art, but now am going to show you a stunning art. Guess what! You never came through this kind of amazing art, which is an astonishing Latte coffee art. This coffee art is created by the Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto. He has taken this coffee art a bit forward and created an impressive coffee art. He is 26 years old and he is also specialized in building 3D foam sculptures. His work is really stunning for the first time am seeing such an amazing art. I come across many sorts of art but this is something which is really impressive and it will grab all the attentions for the first look. His popular masterpieces of this coffee art are like giraffe, a three eyed alien and hello kitty character all are jut peeping out of mug. This artist his own dream he has to open his own cafe in Tokyo. His art are just amazing you will love it for the first sight, enjoy the torrent of coffee art.

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