25 Beautiful Pictures of Polar Bears


Incredible snaps presents the beautiful photographs of polar bear.Polar bears are worlds largest land carnivores. We all know polar bears are very cutie animal with thick white fur. We can find dolls in shores like teddy bears, grizzly bears they are really awesome and children love it lot. Polar bear habitat is mostly in arctic region it is also a marine animal it spends long time of year in sea arctic areas. Polar bears are excellent swimmers mostly polar bears eat rung and bearded seals. It has a long muzzle and neck so that it search seals in deep holds. Polar bear facts are interesting to know them and their different names, polar bear habitat and behavior, adaptation, and human interaction etc. During global warning it not only effect polar bear but also the entire treat for arctic region.Climatic change effects entire planet. Polar bears endangered because of global warning. Most of polar bear population living in north canada. The polar bear adaptation is very good so that it can survive in that habitat likes thick layer of eat,hollow fur,long stiff hairs etc. In the matter how to protect polar bears there is a largest organization named World Wild Life Fund WWF it is the leader to protect bear conservation. Here you can gorgeous pictures of polar bear. This polar bear pictures may impress you lot enjoy the beauty in white.

Coca Cola Polar Bears

beautiful pictures of polar bears


Animals Beasts_Floating_Polar_bear


beautiful pictures of polar bears

beautiful pictures of polar bears by Olga Gladysheva

beautiful pictures of polar bears by Paul Souders

beautiful pictures of polar bears by Steve Kazlowski

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love by Raphael Harazim

magnificent polar bears

polar bears



Polar Bear Cubs

Polar bear swimming