The amazing Story behind These romantic Underwater Wedding Photographs


This is novel, creative, unique, individuality and remarkable, I can use all the adjectives to describe this amazing work of photographer Adam Opris. You never stun if I use even more adjectives such as stunning, serene, emotive, romantic, breathtaking and captivating. This is the first time am seeing such an amazing ad romantic work and I have blown away at his amazing combination of the skill, artistic approach and the unique way of creating this innovative work. When you see these photographs in this series, you can stun by seeing the special setting for what the photographs will cherish for lifetime. When you see these photographs and think about the work, the photographers carries so much of responsibility while he trying to persuade the couples those photographs is taken underwater and this is an amazing idea. Here a big question arises that where the Adam got inspiration from, as these photographs are unique from the wedding photography. These photographs are just mind blowing, I have shared many series of underwater photographs but this is entirely different and amazing too.

As Adam tells us “I grew up in the ocean, and to this day there is always sand in my car. I am constantly looking to push the envelope with my art and when I saw some underwater images everything became clear to me. The lure of the ocean and being underwater led me to get dive certified and invest in an underwater Ikelite housing for my camera! I saw gorgeous photos of marine life and I knew that if I could bring my clients down there, we could create magic!”  I would say that this is a big miracle and it is very difficult to describe the uniqueness of the photographs here are the amazing photographs for you enjoy the amazing uniqueness.






































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