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We all are at different stages of food photography. Some of us click pictures of food items for our inner joy, and some people do as it is a part of their profession. We get fantastic advice from people who are already in this field for long. The incredible thing about the food photography community is how generous the people are with their support for one another’s journey.

Here are some tips that will help the food photographers to take better pics of food.

1. Experiment With Different Things

Experiment with different types of things to make it look attractive and create different levels. Use a cutting board to raise some of your scenes. Place something on a cake stand or use glasses in different heights.

You don’t have to go so higher, placing things on a wrinkled kitchen towel creates a texture and breaks the elements by creating visual differences or layers. Adding height can create a natural frame to your picture, especially if shooting straight or at different angles.

2.  Absorb Beautiful Imagery

Continuously look for good ideas for food photography. 10-15 minutes a day spent researching beautiful images from blogs, and searching on Pinterest helps in refreshing your creativity and inspires you to create through your lens.

Christmas feast

3. Learn to Balance the Depth of Field and Shutter Speed

It is a technique that will allow you to photograph a combination of different moments with different styles. Learn the art and let it become your guide to tell stories through sharpness, focus, and of course, exposure.

Herb Grilled Chicken Breast

4. Exporting, Uploading, and Sharing

Transferring, exporting, uploading, and sharing photos can decrease its quality and can also get disfigured if you are on WordPress. Sometimes you need to edit individually for whatever media or print form you are using. Experiment beforehand and take help from a sample in print or a preview of your images on the site so that your final product will be exactly as you want.

5. Capture Your Overall Vision on Paper

Plan the ideas for your photoshoots by making sketches to capture your overall vision on a paper. While sketching, focus just on the story you want to tell through it, think about the props that you want to use to make it look more attractive, choose the color palette, and make notes about the lighting direction and all aspects related to the composition.

This will help you to bring your mental image to life that you made while planning the photo shoot and photograph it, instead of shooting immediately and hoping to get a good picture in the process.

6. Use Negative Space

Provide the viewer some space to breathe, i.e. don’t zoom in all the way, let there be some negative things too in the picture. It’s soothing for the eyes and mind.

Don’t stop until you get exhausted by practicing and trying different ways more and more in every angle, with every possibility. If you are a beginner, then it will take time for you to become perfect. Just try to follow these tips and photographs accordingly. You can also think of your own strategies to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

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