The Amazing and Idyllic Beauty of Tuscany Captured By Marcin Sobas


It is the great pleasure for incredible snaps to present the amazing photographs of Tuscany captured by creative and talented photographer Marcin Sobas. Tuscany is the small area in the middle of Italy.  The photographer visited this place 8 years ago and from that moment he is visiting that place often. The Northern Tuscany is the densely covered with vineyards and forests and the Southern part of Tuscany is completely different. This region is not much overgrown with a lot of fields which cover whole valley and hills. During the spring season the whole area will dress up with the green grass and colorful flowers. While in the autumn we will find a wide palette of colors. Very popular views are herds of sheep which are moving through the rolling hills. All of them have bells hanged on their necks to make it easier to find them.

Marcin was born and living in Poland, Silesia region and he completed his master’s degree in economy and at this moment he is developing his professional career in IT. he is very sensitive for the charms of the nature he says “I believe this is originating from my father who was also the one who gifted me a compact camera. This was the very moment that has initiated my adventure with photography. Next key milestone was the purchase of a professional DSLR camera, from that moment on I started to take photography for serious – and in a much more conscious way. It has become my greatest passion”.
He is specialized in the landscape photography and his favorite themes are rolling farmlands, foggy mornings in the mountains and by the lakes. Here are the amazing photographs of Marcin. Now you see the beauty of Tuscany through his eyes.


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