Tantalizing Body Painting Ideas And Fashion Photography By Afemera


In this series of incredible snaps, you are going to see the amazing body paintings by one of the talented artist Afemera. Afemera is the make-up artist and photographer from Russia. She loves very much to play in lights. According to her interest, you can see the various shades of light in the form of painting on the body of the models. They are just stunning, not only these photographs her portrait photography of braids, Geisha makeup is just stunning. This body painting is just stunning and no words to explain about it. Just see and enjoy the painting. For the first time when I saw these images, I was just mind blowing. This is perfect painting that I have seen from till now.

1-gold-body-painting-art-photography-by-afemera.preview 2-gold-body-painting-art-photography-by-afemera.preview 3-body-painting-art-photography-by-afemera.preview 4-body-painting-art-photography-by-afemera 5-queen-photography-by-afemera.preview 6-bride-fashion-portrait-photography-by-afemera.preview 7-phoenix-fashion-portrait-photography-by-afemera.preview 8-hat-fashion-portrait-photography-by-afemera.preview 9-book-fashion-portrait-photography-by-afemera.preview 10-silver-body-painting-art-photography-by-afemera.preview 11-silver-body-painting-art-photography-by-afemera.preview 12-scientist-fashion-portrait-photography-by-afemera.preview 13-ecstasy-make-photography-by-afemera.preview 14-cosplay-photography-by-afemera body-paintings-art-afe and fashion