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Stunning and Breathtaking Photographs of Leopards

Incredible snaps presents the stunning and breathtaking photographs of leopards. It belongs to the family felidae in which lion, tiger belongs compared to these animals leopard has a small legs. These leopards are also known as black panthers. Leopard has a yellowish-brown or brown coat with black spots and usually they are hunts at night.  Population of leopard is fragmented though  Indian subcontinent, Sri ...

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Outer Child Photography Series by Cristian Girotto

Do you know everyone has the childish behavior, but it will be open to people who are in affection. Everyone tends to hide their child behavior in front of the world which results that there is always a child inside everyone who will be fun, naughty and more childish behavior. Cristian Girotto, Paris based retoucher and Quentin Curtat famous photographer ...

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20 Innovative Work Done by Carl Warner

Wow! What a photographs this is the first time am seeing such an amazing landscape photographs what an innovative work done by Carl Warner. What an idea it is really it is amazing and words are less to explain it. Normally landscape means what comes to our mind? Natural scenes or Rock Mountains or gardens etc but this is totally different and very ...

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Photos of Flowers when Soaked in Liquid Nitrogen

Incredible snaps presents the amazing photographs of flowers which is soaked in nitrogen. A New York based artist john shire man he has done this beautiful art work using basic chemistry knowledge. He has soaked various flowers into nitrogen liquid and smashed them into pieces. He has done this trick because if the flower is soaked in nitrogen it measures up to 320 °F ...

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Amazing Installation made of 760 Stacked Bicycles by Ai Weiwei

Incredible snaps present the stunning and amazing installation made of 760 stacked bicycles by Ai weiwei. Visitors of incredible snaps are quite lucky to watch these kinds of things. Using bicycles he has done this are amazingly by installing it. He is a Chinese artist to address the difficulty of over consumption of he has created a giant bicycle installation made of 760 ...

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Stunning Ghostly 3d Projection on Trees by Clement Brined

Incredible snaps present the amazing and stunning ghostly 3d projection on trees by Clement Brined. He is French photographer; he explored the reality through photography of creating hunting 3D projection on trees of Paris and Cambodia. He is a photography teacher at university of valencienne. He carefully chooses the surfaces for his projection. He produces massive images through multiple photo quality large format projectors. ...

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Huge Flower Sculpture Festival in Netherlands

Incredible snaps like to showcase Bloemencorso Flower Parade photographs. Holland is known for its huge tulip fields and is a region in the western part of the Netherlands., but here’s amazing even more exciting: the Bloemencorso flower festival in Zundert. This Great flower festival have extremely large flower sculptures on moving floats. Massive Flower Sculptures that Parade down the streets. ...

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Amazing Winter Light Festival in Japan

Photograph by Hiroaki Kaneko on Google+

Incredible snaps present amazing photographs of winter light festival in Japan. This festival will be celebrated from mid November to mid March of every year. This festival is celebrated in kuwana city ( Nabano No Sato) in a flower focused park featuring sprawling gardens and giant green houses. This is one of the finest winter illuminations with famous tunnel of light. This park is ...

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