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Creative Color Pencil art by Karla Mialynne

Incredible snaps present you amazing photographs of pencil art very colorful, amazing and creative color pencil art by Karla Mialynne. He is really very brilliant and innovative he created such an amazing drawings by using color pencils. Pencil art is one of the popular art among all types of art and people love it, because it shows some liveliness in ...

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30 Awesome Watercolor Paintings

Its my great pleasure to showcase the awesome illustrations of watercolor paintings in incrediblesnaps.com. Watercolor is kind of artwork from paint. Finger painting with watercolor was first originated in china. The German Northern Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) painted numerous botanical, wildlife and landscape watercolours is generally considered among the earliest performer of the medium. An important school of watercolour ...

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Beautiful Macro Photography Snaps

beautiful macro photography snap

A dedicated welcome to you all. Today am coming with an interesting and exciting macro photography at incrediblesnaps.com. Macro photography is close-up photography of very smallobjects. It is a great field in photography. It shows a very small subject in abstract looking images ofcreepy crawlies like spiders, beetles or flowers in close-up and minerals, snowflakes etc,. This macro photography not ...

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