Sinking World Underwater Photography by Andreas Franke


Imagination and creativity will never stops for a true photographer. Everything is world is to be changed, what we all expect on for day to day life and it result to various technologies, creativity and much more. An imagination change the life of great people and their creativity was fabulous and fantastic forever and ever.

The following were the result of imagination and creativity belongs to Andreas Franke. These photographs are from his project “The Sinking World” which derives the life of human being in the water. We are sure that the creativity and the working of the author were extraordinary and mind blowing art. His Projects are Mohawk,Vandenberg and Stavronikita. The daily activities like dancing, sleeping, playing and other fun with the imagination of the world under water are really awesome work by the author.  The author was a man who likes to travel and from his experience he has constructed the illusionistic world in the name of The sinking world in the which the title was perfect match to the creative work by him.
























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