Popular Landmarks Are Transformed Using Paper Cutouts


In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see the stunning photographs that shows how the popular landmarks are transformed using the paper cutouts. These amazing paper cutouts are created by paperboyo. Ever since bored panda helped him in his photography style his designs are going viral throughout the world from recent years. Over last six months he have been to Singapore, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Val D’lsere, New York and Las Vegas with dvarious tourists boards and brands to create the amazing paper cutout photographs. He says that it is been a incredible string of adventure to travel with various tourists around the world. All whilst and pursuing new level of creativity in his photographs. Here are the amazing snaps for you watch and enjoy it.

Val_d_Isere_France-577d0598a20f7__880 Val_d_Isere_France_Nighttime-577d059f4b868__880 UN_Building_New_York-577d05a3d67ce__880 Stratosphere_Butterfly-577d0635dbacd__880 Statue_Of_Liberty_NewYork_NewYork_Resort_LasVegas-577d05abea91d__880 Spiderman_New_York_City-577d05b545850__880 Sentosa_Island_Singapore-577d062fef673__880 Ive-found-a-way-to-make-people-smile-whilst-making-a-living-travelling-the-world-577df60736349__880 Ive-found-a-way-to-make-people-smile-whilst-making-a-living-travelling-the-world-577df616910ad__880 Caesar_Selfie_Caesars_Palace_LasVegas-577d058d44168__880 13643021_635585263258690_1248744201_n-577e51a03b094__880