Pictures of Chameleon


Incredible snaps present the stunning photographs of chameleon. It is a specialized clade of lizard family. Chameleon is wonderful retail which has a special character of changing its color according to the places it moves. The humans who change their attitude according to situation are compared to this creature. Chameleon changes into many different colors including pink, orange, red, green, yellow and turquoise. They are found more in desert and rain forest region Africa and Madagascar. In Florida and California it has been kept as pets in houses. It has a very powerful eye vision. It can observe two objects simultaneously. It has a long tongue to catch its prey. Depending upon the temperature it changes its color. It has a specialized cells Chromatophores which contains the pigment in cytoplasm it helps it to change its color. All over chameleon is an amazing creature with many fantastic qualities. Here you enjoy certain beautiful pictures of chameleon.