National Flag Made of Food


Amazing! Incredible snaps ready to show something unique. You might have visited many food festivals of different countries, and some of them might stand eternal in your thoughts, but now you are going to see something new and unique which is the combination of innovation, imagination and that shows international unity. You will really feel amazing to see such a colorful decorations made by food, they just designed the national flags of various countries by using the popular food of those same countries and some of the country flag are designed with foods which are not associated with the same country because the food has to match the color and shape of the country flag, in such way they have created these country flags. These flags designed for Sydney international food festival. This food festival was organized by WHYBIN/ TBWA this is globalized add agency they promoted this food festival in Sydney, Australia.

This is the Australia’s largest food festival and millions of visitors and chiefs are gathered here to visit this food festival. They totally designed the flags of 18 countries with traditional and popular ingredients of that country. They designed the flags in such a way that it should exactly match the country flag in all aspects including shapes and colors. Greece flag was made of fate cheese and olives, the US flag is designed of hot dogs and bus and Indian and Indonesia flags were made of the popular curries and rice. Here are amazing pictures enjoy it.





















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