Large Holed Freshwater Pearl Beads


Large holed freshwater pearl beads are extremely popular throughout the Southwest region of the United States. These pearl beads are available in many different colors, and are roughly about 10mm around. The pearl beads have the classic potato shape that many other fine pearls showcase.

One thing that many avid beaders adore when it comes to these large holed freshwater pearl beads is their name describes them perfectly, meaning that they have extremely large holes cut into their center surfaces. Each hole is roughly 2.5 mm, making it easy for you to pass a large toothpick or a large piece of leather through. These pearl beads on beadsbarn are perfect for designs that you want to string leather or silk ribbon through, because their large holes can take any material that you desire to pass through them.

The design possibilities that these pearl beads have are endless. The pearl beads can be used for various types of stringing projects, producing breathtaking necklaces, bracelets and anything else that you could possibly think of.

When designing pieces of jewelry with these large holed freshwater pearl beads, you are going to want to pass a toothpick through each pearl to remove any additional pieces of material that are trapped inside of the hole. Nothing frustrates a beader more than creating a stunning piece of jewelry, just to find that there are small remnants left behind that were trapped inside of the bead prior to stringing.The large holed freshwater pearl beads are being sold both online as well as off. The pearl beads are normally sold in eight inch strands. Each strand contains roughly around twenty eight pearls. Twenty eight pearl beads are more than enough of these beads to create a stunning necklace, bracelet, and a matching set of earrings.If you are the type of person that likes to go big, then you will adore these large holed freshwater pearl beads. Every beader should have these stunning pearls in their present collection.




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