Halloween Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane


Its great time to take a look in fantastic and stunning pumpkin carving photographs at incredible snaps. Anyways Halloween festival is nearing and we all know it is thanks giving festival, on October 31. These carvings are done by famous sculptor Ray Vilafana his carvings are very cool and amazing you can find faces from Grinch to Obama. He is a art teacher at high school for Halloween festival he was asked to carve pumpkins though he familiar working with clay he started to try carve pumpkins once and the result was interesting and loved by all kids, so he started to go in deep to bring out some fantastic carvings, here at below you can see his creativity. He just takes only couple of hours to finish one carving, if the pumpkin is good and meaty. If you look at these pumpkins suddenly damn sure any one will scare for the first sight. So all you want to do is look at these amazing photographs and share your views with us.

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