Extraordinary Paper Cut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti


Would you like watch out some unique style of paper are then just log in to incredible snaps. Here you find a unique paper art which is very inspiring and makes a beautiful image. These stunning paper art was created by Deepti Nair and Hari Krishna Panicker, short and sweetly called as Hari and Deepti. This is really an amazing work which was started by cutting the stiff water color paper. Each layer of paper builds upon the last and makes an enriched scene. The entire things together into the box with led strips have created an amazing story book scene. Hari writes that he was insired by the Balinese shadow puppet and their influence shows somewhat in their work. These figures are really exotic and grabs all out attention at first look. When you look into the images it is somehow makes us to feel that we have seen this scene in some tales. Excellent work done by these two amazing artist. Watch and enjoy these amazing photographs.