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Delicacy Embroidery Leaf Art by Hillary Fayle

Incredible snaps present you the photographs of the masterful crafts man ship and delicacy embroidery designs done by using different types of life. Hillary Fayle a student who is learning embroidery she has created these amazing embroidery designs and this is impressive did this amazing design. In this series, you can see the designs created by her using the leaves. She has cut the leaves and done embroidery by using the exquisite and delicate patterns. Doing the embroidery on leaves is not an easy task but she has done it amazing and in an impressive way. While seeing these photographs you might be wondering that how she did this delicate design really very talented people can do these type of amazing things. First she coated the leaves in the non toxic preservative which will stiffens the leaves and protect them to do the design. Then she cut all the leaves in various forms and she did the embroidery on it. this is really an amazing task completed successfully. She say . “I generally try to use renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for my art, so this was an obvious choice,” explains the artist. Enjoy this amazing embroidery leaf design.

Source: hillaryfayle.wordpress.com (h/t: lustik)