Dead of the Day Celebration Photography


Dead of the Day (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is the day gathered by the friends on families to pray for their family members who have died and it is day to make their dead family members to honor them and thanks to them. There are similar functions with various names all over the world, like All Souls day in France etc. the celebration of dead of the day was one of the pre-Columbian culture according to the internet resources. People with gather in the cemetery to be with the departed souls, decorate flowers, keep pictures with them and other food and beverages that they used to have and much more. This is one of the day right, remembering the family members who they lived with.

Tim Tradder is a commercial and advertising photographer from South California, he works as a photojournalist with the newspaper company before he turned to be a commercial photographer. Today we have added the beautiful photography of Tim Tradder on the Dead of the Day which is represented as Las Muertas series meaning that the decoration of dead. The following photography in our showcase each represents one of the spring, autumn, summer and winter. This was make-up by the traditional person who were famous in this art. As the remembrance of all the dead souls who helps to live and guide us. We took this opportunity to thank them and also on behalf of you.

Dead of the Day Celebration Photography (1)


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