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Contemporary Sculpture by Odani Motohiko

It’s time to watch out something amazing at incredible snaps. This is an amazing and massive milk white sculpture by Odani Motohiko, he is a Japanese artist. Motohiko was born in Kyoto. He studied music and sculpture and received his Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He has a fantastic nature about them and the proper details which match them as a fantastic subject. This work looks to be very delicate and impressive. The white art is really shows some classic feel and it is outstanding. If this art was made in a room which is painted with black or some other dark color it will be awesome and everybody will stun by seeing it. He is well known a contemporary Japanese sculptor who creates the work which is lighter than air and makes the viewers breathless. If you like these photographs sure you must hit the link Hi Fructose in this link you can watch the 9 wonderful volumes of Odani. He also exhibited his work in Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, that opened in May and runs through September 2, 2012. Here you can watch the amazing art by the artist. Watch it and share your valuable experience with us.

Odani Motohiko Website