Contemporary Photography by Dmitry Podgorny


Incredible snaps present the astonishing contemporary photography by Dmitry Podgorny. He is professional photographer from Ukraine; he created marvelous photographs in the photography field. His work is very creative and amazing. Most favorite of them are black-and-white psychological portrait. In this post you can watch out his extreme beautiful photographs of various categories together. The background of all photographs is amazing.Contemporary photography is very diverse. It helps everyone: advertisers create the right image of a product or service,  Criminologists solve the crime, astronomers see in detail distant cosmic bodies, doctors cure their patients. But also there is such a kind of photography that neither brings money nor has any obvious practical use. It exists on its own, sometimes it surprises, sometimes admires and sometimes makes us think. That is the photography I like the most…

You can watch some different categories of photography together at one post. Like glamour photography, family photography, wedding photography, interior photography and portrait photography etc. his work is amazing you can watch out his contemporary photography below hope you all get impressed by it.