Charming Macro World captured by Miki Asai


Incredible snaps present you amazing macro photography by Miki Asai. This is really a wonder you will never believe your eyes by seeing such a wonder things. The photographer is passionate about capturing the magical beauty of the small things rarely seen through the eye. When we notice a dewdrop we just see only the water droplet but the reflecting image, it is very difficult to see the reflecting image on the droplet but here in this macro photography you can see the amazing reflections on the droplet. These are the basic and important things we find in nature, the Mother Nature hides many treasures within her but it is very difficult to explore everything but still we have chances like this to explore the actual beauty of nature. The photographer says, “I am always surprised when I look through the camera’s viewfinder to see things normally unseen,” she writes. “Through a macro lens, I am trying to show the beautiful world of the small.” Here are the amazing macro photographs enjoy it.

Source: 500px