Beautiful Infrared Photography Examples


In this series of incredible snaps you are going to view the beautiful infrared photography examples. Until 20th century infrared photographs was not possible this is because of silver halide emulsion are not sensitive to the longer wavelength than the blue light. Without the addition of a dye to act as a color sensitizer. It is the great Wood, who discovered the unusual effects that now bear his name. The RPS co-ordinate events to celebrate the centenary of this event in 2010. The first infrared photographs (as distinct from spectrographs) to be published appeared in the February 1910 edition of The Century Magazine and in the October 1910 edition of the Royal Photographic Society Journal to illustrate papers by Robert W. Wood’s photographs were taken on experimental film that required very long exposures; thus, most of his work focused on landscapes. Here I have shared some of the great examples of infrared photography examples hope you will love it.

2-infrared-photography-michilauke 3-infrared-photography.preview 5-infrared-photography 6-infrared-photography.preview 8-infrared-photography.preview 9-infrared-photography 10-infrared-photography.preview 11-infrared-photography.preview 12-infrared-photography-spring-michi-lauke.preview 13-infrared-photography-michi-lauke (1) 13-infrared-photography-michi-lauke 14-palm-infrared-photography-michi-lauke.preview 15-tree-infrared-photography-michi-lauke 16-tropical-garden-infrared-photography.preview 17-infrared-photography.preview 18-infrared-photography.preview 19-flower-infrared-photography 21-infrared-photography 26-thai-temple-infrared-photography.preview 31-infrared-photography-by-mike-schwarz.preview 33-infrared-photography-by-michilauke.preview 35-infrared-photography-by-shahidul-alam.preview 41-infrared-photography-by-myinqi.preview