Beautiful Blue Bird Pictures


In this series of incredible snaps, you are going to see the beautiful pictures of bluebirds. When you see these pictures surely you will fall in love with these amazing and beautiful birds. The total body of this bird is covered with the blue feathers and they are very cute tiny birds. These blue birds are native to North America and found in only some parts of the continent. The difference between the male and female bluebirds is easily identified by their appearance. The male is covered with blue feathers on the back, head, tail wings and the head is with red-orange throat and the white paunch. But the females are bit difference the females look dull in color compared to male bluebirds. They have gray upperparts, blue on wings and tails and pale orange on the lower parts. These blue birds look very cute here are the beautiful photographs of the blue birds watch and enjoy it.

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Mountain Bluebird, Cabin Lake Viewing Blinds, Deschutes National Forest, Near Fort Rock, Oregon

Mountain Bluebird, Cabin Lake Viewing Blinds, Deschutes National Forest, Near Fort Rock, Oregon

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