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Amazing photographs of eyes showing the lovely emotions

Incredible snaps present you the lovely photographs of eyes, which show the amazing expressions, which will melt your heart immediately after the first look.  Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, they are the most important sense and the prime channel for seeing and understanding the world. Eyes are our best friend who was guiding and will guide us throughout our lifetime. Eyes are the crucial thing in perceiving art. Our eyes play an important role in absorbing the visual information surrounding our environment, the mother nature has done a fair thing to the mankind by making our most important and visual organ beautiful. Whatever we feel in our heart may be our lips fail to express but am sure 100% our eyes will express our feeling in a proper way.

Whether we are in a sad mood or in the happiest mood definitely, our eyes will show to the others. Eye language is very special between the two loving hearts, because in between the loving hearts more than a word the silence language of eyes work more. Eyes are the first thing, which we notice, in your first visit by seeing the eyes we can decide what type of person is standing in front of us. We see the beauty, pain, happiness, through our eyes. Many of the poets have a close contact with eyes by describing the eyes in their poems. The visual art eyes are one of the favorite subjects for many of the artists. Look at our photographs and enjoy the different emotions portrayed in this series, have a good day.


Eye Paintings


Ice Eye

Eye Phtotography

In The Eye Of The Begotten


Eye Picture

Mermaid Eye

Take a look thru my eyes





Anne Hathaway Detail






Eye Beauty




Eye Beauty

Armageddons Eye

The eye

Eye Don’t Cry

tears in eye by Dorothea Boonstra

eye tattoo

Story in eye Isaiah Stephens

silent tears.. by *Deeevilish



Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

sad eyes with tears