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Amazing Photographs of Butterfly Face-Painting by Daizy Design

Face painting has been amazing and staple attraction for every younger child at many occasions such as the Halloween festival, school competitions etc. face painting is an amazing thing that has to be developed for time to time according to the trend or it will go out of fashion. We feel very delightful when we see the child expression after you complete the face painting, your child will feel very happy and scream in front of the mirror. These are the amazing designs done by the Daizy Design, a crew of face painters in Wellington, New Zealand they worked out for themselves. They have incredible profile and their work is completely out of box.

Here you will focus on the amazing face painting, the butterfly on the kids face. These butterfly designs created by Daizy Design are just amazing on the faces of kids. The expressions of kids are very cute on that butterfly painting. She was extremely revealing in her reply to us: “We paint with only professional, cosmetic grade face paints. Brands that we use include TAG, Wolfe, Mehron Paradise DiamondFX and Snazaroo, and we purchase most of these through online speciality stores. The butterfly design is one I have worked on for many years. I like to study the shapes in real butterflies and apply these shapes and designs to the face. I also love to experiment with different kinds of butterflies, designs and colors, which is why my butterflies never look exactly the same.” Here is the amazing butterfly designs hope you all will love it, enjoy the cute expression with amazing face painting.