Amazing Photo Manipulations by Consuelo Parra


Incredible snaps presents you an amazing photographs of the Consuelo Parra Aka Aeternum-Art is a self taught digital artist from Sevilla, Spain. Specialized in dark photo manipulation, here you can see an amazing photograph, which have created using the photo manipulation technique. When a photograph is created using a photo manipulation, technique it gives an amazing look as a whole. Here in this series you will see an amazing photograph, in the first photograph you can realize a horror feel when you see it, and photograph looks amazing and the background is amazing. If you look on the second photograph fantastic and express some kind of lonely, feel of the woman under the tree. The third photograph the girl is sitting on the rock by keeping her feet in the river, the cute gold fish is jumping towards her, and this is really an amazing scene. The fourth photograph is stunning and portrays a beauty between the snow-covered fields. For an instance, I feel like seeing a snow-white beauty.

The fifth photograph shows an extreme purity, the pure hearted girl just holding bird by showing an extreme love. These series is really an amazing series that I have never shared before with my lovable visitors. We have shared many series of photographs that are created by photo manipulating technology but this is unique and the idea of the artist is excellent. These types of unique and creative photographs always grab a first place in incredible snaps. Incredible snaps feel very proud to encourage such an amazing artist for their excellent creativity by sharing their photographs to our lovable visitors. Creativity is always welcome in any type of field when the work is filled with an amazing thought and feel then no need to explain about the work, in the first look the photography lovers will understand it. Here we are sharing some of the amazing photographs hope you will enjoy it.

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