40 Glamour Photography by Joseph Cartright


Glamour Photography is an art of photography in which the object or subject will be in a still position. Usually female was used in Glamour Photography. They are portrayed in romantic which results in poster and much more. The glamour photography’s are mostly used in calendar, pinups, magazine, advertisement, movies, dramas and much more.Glamour photography’s have become famous by the year 1990’s. Earlier it has popular with pinup like French Postcards which is smaller in size. Later many people had involved in this photography and become popular. Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Green, Harrison Marks and much more are the famous person in the field of Glamour Photography.

Joseph Cartright was one of the talented professional New York based photographer become most popular by his talents. One of his best, beautiful and most famous photography on Glamour photography and much more like fashion, beauty are the wonderful ideas from him. His way on the photography and his ideas in it makes the acceptance on the beauty of women with the photography. Some his digital art experience with the more ideas in the field of photography is filed in our showcase of you. Your ideas on the attraction, and you thoughts of creativity or most welcome. Add your comments of your view on Glamour Photography by Joseph Cartright.

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