30 Stunning Character Illustrations by Salvador Ramirez Madriz


Computer Illustration is the art that done by a designer with digital tools using software. It is also said to be Digital Illustration. There are two main tools are used for digital illustration as major. They are Bitmapped which is also known as Raster and Vector applications. Bitmapped was commonly referred to paintings and Vector commonly referred to Drawing. Design a character and also creating the concept which results in fantastic and breathe taking was done by the artist or designer.

Salvador Ramirez Madriz was one of the most famous artists in digital illustration and character design. The artist was from Mexico with a Graduation from Cinematography and Animation. The art from the designer was awarded in many programs. The artwork will be sensational and they are fabulous and fantastic. From five years of professional experience the result is awesome. In our showcase today I have decorated with the beauty from this famous artist. Does it take your breath away?