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25 Awesome Matchstick Art Stanislaw Aristov

Incredible snaps present the awesome matchstick art Stanislaw Aristov. Art doesn’t have end if we have an innovative mind we can make an art with ashes too. Art has a diverse range this article has a main focus on visual art which in turn creates images including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and other visual media. This burnt match stick art is something new which ever had seen before. It is really a wonderful creativity. Matchstick and their burnt ends are used in various forms like craft making etc. Stanislaw has an amazing creativity he has made many wonderful things in this art. Really it is awesome to explain about his work. It will be a good treat for art lovers. Especially the burning apple, fish, flower, butterfly and snail are wordless explain. Here you can see and enjoy his work hope you all will love it.

Website: poltergejst.info