2016 Nikon Macro Photo Contest- The Winners Show World Like You Have Never Seen It Before


In this series, you are going to view the stunning and incredible photographs of the 2016 Nikon macro photo contest. Nikon has announced its winner of the annual small world photomicrography contest. So the incredible results are in front of your eyes. This is the 42nd competition and this year over 2000 people from 70 countries where participated this contest. Photomicrography is the practice of taking the photographs through a microscope or magnifying device that is similar to the microscope in order to capture the intricate details of the things that are invisible to the human eyes. These pictures have given a good new way of looking at the world. The categories are divided into winners, honorable mentions, and images of distinction and you can find the full list on the Nikon Small World website. Just take a look at these pictures and share your feelings with us.

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