10 Tips for Capturing iPhone Reflection Photographs


New and beautiful meaning for your endless creativity – Reflection in the photography leads to amazing effects and as a result beautiful images are on your hand. The image changes into beautiful art work when you use water, mirror, windows or any other reflecting surfaces while capturing the photographs. You can realize amazing facts while taking the reflecting photographs, this can completely alter the image that you take you can see straight forward image to abstract or richer images sometimes it look even more artistic. The reflections are beautiful and once you start researching about them you will find many interesting and surprising techniques and information about them. Sometimes the reflection photography can be more annoying and will not look artistic. However the good quality photographs completely depend on the photographer’s creativity whether he can see the things in different way or he sees only one part of the whole. When the photographer takes the images by using reflected light it can vastly improve the efficiency of the lighting available at the area. Diffused light is generally better for taking photographs and if the photographer use the reflected light as the main source or light for the highlighting then it will be the excellent choice for capturing the photographs in the defused light. Whether you choose reflection photography in an artistic method or you use the source of lighting, learn how to use reflection in photography, this will help you to lift up your photography skills to the next level. Here in this series you will learn how to take the iPhone reflection photographs through 10 easy tips hope this will be interesting and give you amazing ideas to take the reflection photographs.

Some Examples of Reflection Photography

Chicago Reflected On Lake Michigan

Chicago Reflected On Lake Michigan

Prague In A Wine Glass

Inception In New York by Trey Ratcliff

Girl Peeks At Apple On Reflective Table by Philip Cornish

Colorful Reflected Houses by Toni Verdú Carbó

  • Find the perfect reflecting surface

The basic platform in taking the reflection photography is very straightforward- you must find a perfect reflective place for taking amazing shots. Once you learn to train your eyes to select the perfect place you will automatically realize that the reflective surfaces are literally around you. You must agree that some of the most beautiful reflections are found on the water surfaces even the tiny puddles are perfect for creating the amazing reflections.  Apart from water you can find reflections on glass surfaces, on wet tarmac, shiny cars, on the ice or on your own sunglasses. Once you start working deep on the reflections you will realize that they are everywhere around you and the entire surface are perfect for creating beautiful and innovative reflecting photographs.

  • Find an exclusive theme

After finding the perfect reflective surface the next step is to find the perfect and interesting theme for your photographs. It is very important for you to make sure that always you include the theme in the reflection because that is what the audience will be paying attention to. If your theme is not found in the photograph then the viewer may fail to notice that there is a reflection in the photograph. You should agree that the people are the amazing subject for reflection photography, especially when you combine reflections with silhouettes it will add more beauty for your images. Not only people you can use anything as subject as long as it creates stunning interest and stands out of box.

Surreal Self-Portrait With A Mirror Shard by Paul Apal’kin

Winter by

Kiss by Nika Vera

Daily Life Reflections by Anil Tamer Yilmazz

Reflection Of Faith by FW Stupidio

Skyscrapers by wtek79

Street Lamp by Marco Britto

La Defense Reflections in Paris by Daniel Vine Garcia

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey by Bruno Kolovrat

  • Try to mix up reality and reflection

Any reflection photographs must show the healthy mix of reality and reflection. When you start working on reflection photographs you completely focus on the reflections, this is the most tempting factor when you start mix up both reality and reflection this will create an interesting words to the viewers to speak about the photographs. You must realize that the reflection images are not interesting themselves but they can make your work amazing when you combine both reality and reflection in one.

    • Try to eliminate distractions

Simplicity creates great demand, especially for the reflection photographs, when the viewer is trying to buy images many of them like simple looking but admiring photographs. Try to simplify the images from your iPhone. Try to remove the distractions from the photo frame, add only the important part of the images in the reflection photographs, and make sure that only the main subject and its reflections create a stunning look to the whole part.  Eliminating the unwanted things are done easily on the beach or next to the large bodies of water.

  • Get as much as closer to the subject

This is one of the most beautiful thing that makes your reflection photographs to stand out of the box, and this is something that cannot be done with DSLR as it really get close to the reflective surface. You can notice in many of the reflection photographs the photos are taken from very less distance for example from one inch distance from the surface. This will access you to position your theme with sky as background, it will look greater if you eliminate the distractions so put emphasis on reflection and create the symmetrical photos where the reflection extends at the horizon.  When you place your iPhone on the surface try to focus on one thing that creates an amazing image. If your iPhone set focuses somewhere at the middle of the photo by default, if you use the auto focus technique often it will fail you, when you use dedicated camera apps like Camera+ to shift focus point out of reflection then you will get reliable results

Milan Reflected In A Tuba by Diego Bardone

Grand Palace Reflected On Table In Lille, France by elessar91

Let It Rain by David Marcu

Reflected Skyline Of Doha, Qatar by

An Illuminated Bridge In Comacchio, Italy

Additional tips

  • You can even use waves for distraction
  • Photograph the imperfect surfaces
  • Emphasize the symmetry tool in reflection photography
  • Try to take long exposure photographs
  • Take hundreds of photographs on one thing to find out huge difference.
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