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Mind Blowing Color paintings by Hua Tunan


Incredible snaps presents the amazing color paintings by Hua Tunan, normally we use to see painting which done by using brushes and other painting tools. But this is something different he has done sprinkling the paint. He is a china based artist yingjie better known as Hua Tunan. The artist combines traditional Chinese art with contemporary culture to create beautiful painting. This paintings are ...

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Cool Rainbow Igloo Made using Milk Cartons

Rainbow Igloo made using 500 milk cartons (10)

Stunning rainbow igloo made using 500 milk cartons. This igloo was made by Daniel to impress his mother-in-law. He made this igloo in his girlfriend house at Canada. Actually he was about visit his girlfriend family so he doesn’t have any clue that what will his mother-in-law is going to ask. Then to test her daughter boyfriend she asked him to make an ...

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Amazing Installation made of 760 Stacked Bicycles by Ai Weiwei


Incredible snaps present the stunning and amazing installation made of 760 stacked bicycles by Ai weiwei. Visitors of incredible snaps are quite lucky to watch these kinds of things. Using bicycles he has done this are amazingly by installing it. He is a Chinese artist to address the difficulty of over consumption of he has created a giant bicycle installation made of 760 ...

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Fantastic illustrations by Oscar Ramos

illustrations by Oscar Ramos

Fantastic illustrations by Oscar Ramos he is a Chilean artist based in Santiago. He is an awesome artist. He beautifully merged different scenes into one as amazing scene. His work will make you crazy and stimulate you to see it again and again. This merging of different scenes into was done by using photo manipulation and character designing technology. This is ...

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20 Mind Blowing Feather Art by Chris Maynard

mind blowing feather art by Chris Maynard (4)

It is a great pleasure for incredible snaps to present the mind blowing feather art by Chris Maynard. He is Washington based artist. He is an amazing artist; he cuts out amazing dioramas out of various birds feathers. To accomplish high accuracy he used fine eye surgery tools which he learnt from his father. He has taken feathers from zoos and various places ...

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Stunning Paper Animal Sculpture by Calvin Nicholls

Stunning Paper Animal Sculpture by Calvin Nicholls (14)

Stunning and detailed paper animal sculpture by Calvin Nicholls, he is a Canadian artist and he is working based on it from 1986. He almost spends 2 to 4 weeks to create one piece. This is really effective animal carving by paper it is also a multilayered paper sculpture. This paper craving is something new and very different that I ...

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25 Awesome Matchstick Art Stanislaw Aristov


Incredible snaps present the awesome matchstick art Stanislaw Aristov. Art doesn’t have end if we have an innovative mind we can make an art with ashes too. Art has a diverse range this article has a main focus on visual art which in turn creates images including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and other visual media. This burnt match stick art is something new which ever ...

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20 Very Cool Winter Landscape Photography

very cool landscape photography (14)

Winter! It’s really an amazing season. By saying the word winter it really gives some pleasure to heart. Trees wear a new look during winter. During winter only Santa comes and sledging begins. Some people think that just it will shoveling and freezing for next three months but not just only freezing. When winter is no our door step it really brings some ...

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