Stunning and Breathtaking Photographs of Leopards


Incredible snaps presents the stunning and breathtaking photographs of leopards. It belongs to the family felidae in which lion, tiger belongs compared to these animals leopard has a small legs. These leopards are also known as black panthers. Leopard has a yellowish-brown or brown coat with black spots and usually they are hunts at night.  Population of leopard is fragmented though  Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. There is also snow leopard.  Leopards are very genus than other animals of its own family. Sri Lankan leopard is very large sub specie in which the male leopard weighs up to 91 kg. The Black Panther is seen common in tropical rain forest  It has largest distribution than any wild cats in eastern and central Asia. Fossil Leopards teeth and bones dating from Pliocene are found in France.  The Mac OX Apple released a new version in the name of leopard called Mac OS X Leopard. Snow leopard is the last release of Mac OX Apple. We can see leopards hunting scenes in national geographic channel and animal planet etc. also we can see many rare activities of leopards in that channels. Here you can some of rare and amazing photographs of leopards hope you all will love it.



Elusive Beauty by Massimo Da Silva

Elusive Beauty by Massimo Da Silva


Grumpy in the snow by bigcatphotos UK


Mara Leopard by David Lloyd


Night Thirst by Rudi Hulshof


SNARL by Conrad Tan


The Magician by David Lloyd


Sweet Molasses by Ashley Vincent


Inquisitive Cub by Will Burrard-Lucas


In No Uncertain Terms by Ashley Vincent


Amazing Views Photography


kalahari leopard by peter delaney


The Leopard by Mario Moreno


Winter Tour Highlight by Don Johnston


Afternoon stretching by Giulio Zanni


Cat Fight by Wim van den Heever


Leopard Action by Elmar Weiss


Leopard by Ronald Coulter


Armur Leopard by Regis Vincent


Dancing Leopards by Marlon du Toit


Leopard by Shaaz Jung




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