Lightning and Thunder Pictures Collection

thunder and lightning photos collection


In Incredible snaps showcase series today we glad to present Lightning and Thunder Photos. Lightning is the most powerful and nosiy atmospheric event accompanied by thunder. Lightning is the source of light, it is not possible to see lightning during day time. Some of the lightning storms produce more heat than the sun. There are different types of Lightning occurs in world wide.Lightning is actually an electrical discharge happens between the clouds. Commonly Lightning carries current of 100million volts and its striking capacity is about 2-3 miles away. Through ionisation in air it can able travels through miles and miles. Lightning produce nitric acid which in turn called nitrogen and this is lots of benefits to all living things including human beings. Lightning is produced by tall, dense vertical clouds discharge, volcanic erruption and sometimes Lightning is also generated by rapid forest fire.Recently discovered lightning is called red sprite lightning it is more interesting than the earlier ones. This red sprite Lightning looks like blood-red colored jelly fish with tentacles. Now many inventor has trying and plan to produce electricity from Lightning.See and enjoy it.




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