Amazing Portrait Illustrations by Laura Eddy


Incredible snaps are going to present amazing portrait illustrations by Laura Eddy. She is a Australian based web developer and graphic designer she is very interested and very keen in producing the portrait illustrations. Her illustration collection includes some of the famous faces that you can recognize in the first look. Some of the faces like Lana Del Rey, Dita Von Teese and Cara Delevingne and many faces those are very famous. If you see the illustrations am sure you will love it and the illustrations have a unique look. The faces and the expressions are portrayed in an amazing way, still there are many prints and stickers of Laura Eddy which is amazing and sure you will love in first look. I have seen many illustration and many portrait illustrations but this stands very unique, and one among the best. This portrait illustration also in the other way look like a pencil art. This is really an amazing work which is very impressive. We have shared many illustrations but this stands one of the best among them and really grabs all attention. Here are the few portrait illustrations of Laura am sure you will enjoy it.











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