Amazing Photographs of Egypt


Now its a great moment to take a sight on amazing photographs of Egypt at Egypt is a transcontinental country because the country mainly situated at North Africa with the Sinai Peninsula forming a land bridge in Southwest Asia. It is also one of the most populous countries in Africa and Middle East. Worlds longest river Nile is situated at Egypt. Egypt is one of the famous tourist spot in the world. Giza pyramid complex and its Great Sphinx are the famous monuments of Egypt constructed by its ancient civilization. Its ancient ruins, such as those of Memphis, Thebes, and Karnak and the Valley of the Kings outside Luxor, are a significant focus of archaeological study. Movie making in Egypt is getting very popular now days famous and unforgettable movies like mummy and mummy returns etc are portrayed based on Egypt history. The economy of Egypt mainly depends on agriculture, media, petroleum exports, and tourism. Also it developed energy market based on coal, oil, natural gas, and hydro power. The spoken languages of Egypt are Egyptian Arabic and Sa’idi Arabic. The Egyptians are the first to codify the design elements in art and architecture. Egyptian civilization is well-known for its massive pyramids, temples and monumental tombs. The famous Pyramid of Djoser is designed by ancient architect and engineer Imhotep. Egyptian music is a rich mixture of indigenous, Mediterranean, African and Western elements. Still we can go on speak more about the Egypt like this, here I collected some of the amazing photographs of Egypt hope all will like it.


Egyptian Flower

The pyramids

Dunelines in Egyprt



Asyut Nile

Desert Sunrise

Camel with Pyramid


Qasr Al Nile Bridge

Tutankhamun Mask

Old Cairo

The Citadel

Lions Of The Citadel

Templo de Abu Simbel РTemplo de Rams̩s II

Sultan Hassan Mosque

The Twilight Of The Gods

Temple with Ramses III as Osiris

sailing on the Nile river

Colossi of Memnon

Templo de Karnak РEstatua de Rams̩s II & Nefertari

Temple of Karnak



Hatsebsoot Temple in luxor

Botanical gardens of Aswan

Philae Temples

Vestibule and Central Tomb Chamber

Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Vulture

Egyptian Temple Sculpture


Spirits of ancient Egypt

Egypt, view from Mount Sinai

Mosque if Muhamad Ali (Cairo) Egypt

Church in Egypt

Muhammad Ali Mosque in cairo,egypt

Montezah Palace

Aerial View

Egyptian breaks


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