Adorable Kids with Animals In Snow by Elena Karneeva


Kids are always awesome. Playing with them, their activities will be really amazing and attractive. People all over the world love to watch kids playing. Today in our showcase we have added some of the most beautiful amazing photography by Elena Karneeva. Elena is from Russia and she was also nominated for National Award Photographer for the year 2010 in the category of family photos which proves that she is very talented and beautiful photographer of family and animals.
Elena decides that she wants to be unique and her creativity is to catch the beauty of the unique pictures. Kids emotions is always beautiful and it is varies according to the various environmental situations. Elena decides to capture the Kids emotions with the animals which is highly result in amazing photographs. She took the picture at various climate, various places and of course the result is unique. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful photography kids and animal photography by Elena and add your comments.


Adorable Photos Of Animals And Kids Playing In Snow  (1)

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