44 Beautiful Eyes Photography

44 beautiful eyes photography


Eyes are precious asset of our body, eyes can speak well and brave than lips but the language which it speaks, it can be understood only by loved once. We can see different kinds of  beautiful eyes photography but not all together. So I decided to give such an opportunity to you all by collecting beautiful and impressing different kinds of eyes. Famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci  Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake? Eyes are the mirrors of heart. One can think to hide their happiness or sorrows but their eyes will show their conditions. A Especially for girls glittering eyes are their strength they can attract anyoneat the first look . Most Common Eye Colors are Brown,Hazel, Gray,Blue. Rarest Eye Colors are Amber, Green, Violet, Red and Black . Here you can see some of different and beautiful eyes which speak more to you if you are really talented you canunderstand what they are coming to say to.  Enjoy the silent talk.

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