15 Amazing Animal Kissing Photographs


Kissing is one of the beautiful moments in every life, human kissing… it has become quite common, am speaking about the animal kissing. You might have seen birds kissing each other on your balcony, or on trees have you seen how rabbits, horses and cats kissing each other, here we are giving you an amazing chance to see the dog licks, horses nuzzle, birds bill and cats groom. Like humans animals also exhibit their kissing behavior but animal do not have any particular time or any time table to so their affection, love, peace and friendship they instantly show their different feeling through their direct physical contact among themselves and towards the people or to the other species. Mother dog licks their puppies, friends groom each other, and the lovers will kiss passionately.

Kissing gives an extreme happiness when it happens whether between the humans or between the animals. When we the animals of same species kiss each other it will give some kind of happiness but the animals of different species kiss each other really we wonder and we start thinking that how it will happen especially when a dog kisses the cat really that is the stunning moment in our lives and in the animal life too. That incident makes us to think how these two enemies become friends. However, no any wonder in that when a dog and cat grow in one place sometimes they fight and sometimes they love each other when they steal anything to eat at the house. Here in this series you see the same type of photograph were the dog kisses the fish this really a fantastic photograph and I loved it a lot and I stun when I see it that how the fish comes out of water and kiss the dog but any instead of researching it. I should learn to love because wonders will happen like this only. Here are the amazing kissing photos sure you will love it.



Image credits: Joel Mochammad

Image credits: Ian Schofield

Image credits: Wolfgang von Vietinghoff

Image credits: Pamela Ross

Image credits:  Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Image credits: Enrico Baldo

Image credits: Dorri Eijsermans

Image credits: Philippe Lebeaux

Image credits: Kishor Kumar Das

Image credits: Alan Cohen

Image credits: Kitty Bern

Image credits: Elin

Image credits: Hen Bentlage

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