Amazing Miniature Scenes Inside Jewelry By Isabell Kiefhaber


Incredible snaps presents you an Amazing photographs of miniature scenes inside the jewelry made by the Isabell Kiefhaber. This series is really amazing series in incredible snaps and that shows amazing stories that we see on our routine life. You can even see your own stories on these pictures. These rings are made by the German artist Isabell Kiefhaber and they are ready to buy at Etsy. They are made of resin and each one depicts an amazing and different little secret scenario. In one ring you can see man skiing and in another you can see couple playing tennis.  Even you can see two people cuddling together on beach. “I love design,” says Isabell on her Etsy profile. “I love to work meticulously. I love to work with my hands. (And) I love unique jewelry.” And looking at these awesome rings, we definitely share that love!. here are the amazing miniature art for you.


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