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Wild Tiger Photography

April 2, 2012 Animals, Inspirations, Photography, Wallpaper

Today incredible snaps proudly to showcase the Fearless Wild Tiger Photography.Tiger is a symbol of braveness.The tiger is the largest cat species Identification of tiger that having dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur and the most unique trait is every single tiger has its own pattern of stripes. There are nine breed of tiger, now three of then are extinct. Tigers are strong swimmers and they are mostly view by lake ,pond and water places in the forest.Tigers are extremely brutal when it comes to hunting.Tigers are hunting lonely not like lions.They know to share their prey with others and communicate with each other to get hints.Here you can see stunning tiger photographs.

tiger photographs

snow cat by sergei gladyshev

tiger photographs

Gotcha by Leonardi Ranggana

tiger photos

Chin up by Klaus Wiese

tiger images

Love you, Mom by Klaus Wiese

tiger pictures

hunters hunted by Irawan Subingar

Tiger photographs

are you looking at me by Irawan Subingar

Tiger Photographs

Tiger by Piyaphon Phemtaweepon

Tiger Photographs

high temper by Erfin Nugroho

Tiger Photographs

Tiger attack by Helmut Lager

Tiger Photographs

this is my food by Irawan Subingar

wild tiger pictures

3-month old tiger cub by AB Apana

wild tiger pictures

White Tiger by Maxim Pro

wild tiger photography

Fight behind bars by Diana Barocsi

wild tiger pictures

Sumatran Tiger by Will Dupuis

wild tiger photography

Out of the dark by Klaus Wiese


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