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Attractive Scenes From The Past Juxtaposes With Present


In this series, you are going to see some of the amazing photographs that compare the past with the present. The Esquire Magazine editor Nick Sullivan combines the scenes of the past with the present moment by juxtaposing photographs taken on the streets of London, New York, and Paris. These photographs are taken several years ago but the editor matched ...

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35 Inspired Artwork by Michal Karcz

Inspired Artwork by Michal Karcz

Inspiration is one of the most needed in part of human life. In the history of this world, every part of human lifestyle needs some inspiration in any form for the motivation of the life. There are more example in the history and more people became famous because of their creative inspirational art. Michal Karcz, is one of famous and ...

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Fairytales Magical Photos by Margarita Kareva

fairytales magical photos by Margarita Kareva (22)

An incredible snap brings in front of you the amazing photographs. When you see the photograph of the girl you feel cherished such a power is there in the photograph of the girl and if you see the photograph of the fairy then the feeling you have cannot be explained in words. That is really an amazing experience we will forget ourselves by ...

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Father Creates Wacky Photo Manipulation with His Three Daughters

Father Creates Wacky Photo Manipulation with His Three Daughters (15)

An incredible snap is going to present you an amazing manipulation photographs taken by a creative minded father. John Wilhelm a 44-year old IT director at Swiss university and he is a father of three little and cute children creates an imaginative and surreal photo manipulation with his family. Here he is working in different array of subjects and with him, his three ...

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Sizzling Emotion Photographs By Desert Winds

Sizzling Emotion Photographs By Desert Winds (1)

Eyes! More than words the expression work better, the expressions which comes from eye really worth more than anything. Here you are going to watch some amazing and sizzling photographs which show some feel, expression and different emotions. These photographs are created by Desert Winds he loves to tell people that they are beautiful, he is very respectful, kind and ...

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Beautiful Art works by JeeYoung Lee

Beautiful Art works by JeeYoung Lee (11)

Artwork was one of the greatest and best results for the creativity and imagination. Her art work was beautiful and mind blowing which makes you to feel the reality of it. She was born in South Korea and she completed her graduation from Seoul’s Hongik University. Her interest in art work takes her the best of creativity. The expression, the ...

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Ukrainian production studio positive pictures

Ukrainian production studio positive pictures (2)

Incredible snaps presents something new and creative photographs. These creative photographs are from positive photo studio and really they did an amazing job they are experienced in all types of photographs and production of fantastic photographs these photographs are not from a particular concept but it is a blend of all and really amazing to see. Especially the first two photographs are stunning speechless ...

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75 Beautiful Babies Photos

beautiful babies photos (4)

Incredible snaps present the amazing photographs of cute babies. Babies are the gift of god nobody says no for the babies. Babies are the precious and valuable gift for every mother and father. We forget everything by seeing the smiles of the babies. Every parent wish to capture the precious moments of their babies when they creeping, crawling and when ...

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